Barano d’ Ischia

Barano has a wonderful location on the southern side of the island and is the second largest municipality after Forio The territory of Barano is rich in sites of natural interest. The Maronti Beach, the famous hot springs , the source of the Nymphs Nitrodi with its park and nature trails are the major characteristics for a tourism Welfare . A few minutes drive from the port of Ischia, in the south- east of the island was already in the territory of Barano . The Aqueduct of the Pillars is its input port. The vineyards attracted the attention of the visitor who climbs to Barano . Through the villages or small hamlets that make up the municipality you are attracted by the many churches that animate the streets and squares , dating also implicitly places. A Barano just look around to find the workshop of a craftsman, a wood-burning oven , a vegetable garden or a vineyard well cared for. The vine is the plant most cultivated throughout . The farmer will lavish the most assiduous care because there is bound , rather than for economic reasons , from traditions thousands of years old now . There are many traces of ancient customs and crafts time a primary which survive today witnessing tenaciously clinging to traditions inherited from its ancestors . Staying in Barano is to discover the nature and civilization, is to enjoy the charm of the sea, the strength of the sun and enjoy the thermal springs.