Forio with an area of ​​13 km is the largest municipality on the island. It lengthens the two promontories , Punta Caruso (at Zaro ) and Punta Imperatore, between beautiful beaches and the metallic green of the vineyards which cover the Epomeo mountain down to the sea in a setting of incomparable beauty. Forio has a population of about 12500 inhabitants and its altitude ranges from 0 meters above sea level to 700 in the wooded areas of Falanga walking trails through beautiful foothills . its historic center is characterized by narrow streets , churches, towers and monuments unchanged in their structure . The shoreline of Forio, with its continuous recesses and protrusions allows bathing not just from the beaches , but also in secluded places . With little effort you can get to Zaro or , in Panza , the unique Sorgeto for the presence of pools of hot water, in any season, is the favorite place for the “bathroom at night .” In the fifties thanks to wealth of the thermal waters and the hospitality of the indigenous population , mainly of peasant origin , has been visited by important personalities from the world of culture, music, art, Auden , walton . viscounts , henze , do not miss a visit to the Church of S . Maria del Soccorso Built on a promontory overlooking the sea in the sixteenth century . , the museum ‘s tower , the villa ” dovecote ” of viscounts , gardens myrtle .