Hotel Terme Galidon Ischia dispone di Stabilimento Termale convenzionato SSN e Centro Benessere annesso. Nel primo potrete praticare tutte le cure convenzionate, fanghi, bagni, pagando solo il ticket dell’impegnativa del SSN, mentre nel secondo, a tariffe accessibili e pacchetti personalizzati, avrete l’opportunità di farvi coccolare con tutti i trattamenti relax e estetici e usufruire gratuitamente della sauna naturale (da maggio a ottobre).

MENS sana in corpore sano

Modern life , full of stress and expectations for the future , made us lose touch with our ego …. all ‘ Hotel Terme Galidon thanks to the primordial elements : Fire, Water , Earth and the expert hands of our personnel there hope to give you moments of pure relaxation .

Gaetano Iacono and family

The first treatment that we recommend is to
plunge into ‘ thermal water of our swimming pool , this
sometimes unconscious gesture holds many benefits.
The ‘ all-enveloping warmth of’ water , the slight
hydrostatic pressure if done with awareness and followed
by a short rest give unexpected benefits .
L ‘ Hotel Terme is located in the district Galidon Cuotto (where
the ground bakes ) area rich in natural fumaroles , where flows
at a temperature of 80 degrees , hyperthermal water chloride -
sodium – sulphate, a ‘ water rich in minerals.
The mud baths are one of the best beauty treatments for the skin, and also a source
of extreme well-being .
The mud therapy is very useful in case of inflammation and to treat rheumatism,
arthritis and osteoarthritis , are very useful in combating stress through the stage of
muscle relaxation -inducing course, purify and also
detoxify the skin is immediately smoother and softer to the touch.
Even the blood circulation derives significant benefits from mud therapy with a
draining and anti-cellulite .

Doctor Michael Arthur

The establishment of Spa ‘ Hotel Terme Galidon is authorized by the Region of Campania , and has the structural, technological and organizational article 4 of Legislative Decree 502 / and the Ministry of Health.

All those who make use of the spa treatments are advised to undergo preventive medical investigation .
For those wishing to make such special care Spa : Mud, Bath , Whirlpool the medical examination is required.


To the extent and in the manner provided by the National Health Plan Thermal performance are affiliated with the National Health System
For those accessed through this system must have the correct Challenging written by your doctor on prescription Regional and necessarily must contain your name, diagnosis, treatment , stamp and signature of the doctor to read.

NB Our factory has an agreement for Mud Bath therapy .


Thermal activity has no special contraindications , however, it is good to declare their habits or information about his state of health at the medical staff . Such information will be treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Law on Privacy.

Thermal treatment is not recommended , however, for those who have recently undergone interventions Tumor , or has been subjected to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Of course it will be the Medical Director to decide and to endorse the request to treatment.

Rules of Conduct
During Therapies is absolutely forbidden to wear gold items or jewelry of any kind and size.