Lacco Ameno

In addition Cassamicciola, continuing along the beautiful coast, meets Lacco Ameno. A rock from the singular form , the well known ‘ mushroom ” gives the visitor a warning that has come to the goal. Lacco Ameno boasts various sources termali.Per this feature and for the exceptional qualities of the climate, this lovely resort island now has a client base of high quality, coming from every part of the world. Lacco Ameno , the first settlement of the Greeks in the West, is rich in archaeological remains due to the important work done by the late Don and Professor Peter mountains . Giorgio Buchner . The cozy beaches Lacco Ameno encircle the island. the Bay of Saint Montano is an oasis of extraordinary beauty. In the ’50s, thanks to the publisher and film producer Angelo Rizzoli who adopted the town of Lacco Ameno, the ancient Spa Queen Isabella were extended and a hotel complex . So in a few years , Lacco Ameno and the whole island as a consequence , became the center of a cosmopolitan high society . Today lacco pleasant thanks to the creation of a well-equipped tourist port is also an important destination for nautical tourism. do not miss a visit to the museum of Villa shrub which houses the famous cup of Nestor testimony of the island of Ischia winemaking tradition dating back to 700 BC , the ruins of Monte Vico where was the Arce of Pithecusa and the Basilica of Santa Restituta , home to early Christian and finds to the museum .