Casamicciola Terme

Casamicciola about 7000 inhabitants. Its altitude ranges from 0 meters above sea level to 788m near the roads of the island , famous worldwide for its therapeutic properties of thermal waters, since 1800 has been visited by eminent personalities from the worlds of art, culture, science, history as Lamartine , Renan , Ibsen and Garibaldi. Well-known seaside resort , spa and climatic Roman times , Casamicciola since 1956 has added to its traditional name the word Terme to emphasize the fact its spa . It looks like a long bow green , dominated by the roads of the island , consists of an upper part and a lower part . The upper part is placed on the back hill and consists of hilly places and residential . At the bottom we find the city center and the port -equipped to host elegant yachts and sailboats. Famous tradition related to ceramic art . Dating back to the age ‘ of the Greeks still living in the spa town . I’m good testimony of the ancient pottery factory Mennella : located on the boardwalk And art workshop ” keramos ” : Located in Piazza Maio, where you can admire the art of the master potters of Ischia . do not miss a visit to the observatory geophysicist , on the picturesque hill Sentinel , founded by Giulio Grablovitz mandate of the royal commission on geodynamics .